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    Sound On Page Enter Stutters A Few Times...

      I made a page transition thing with Tween and added sound. I used this script to make it play the tween when I enter any page..

      The problem is that when I enter a page I want the tween to start on frame 70. It plays the sound but somtimes it sort of sounds like its playing 2 or 3 of the sounds at the same time ( only for a few milliseconds though. It sort of stutters for the first .2 seconds ) then plays through fine. This problem dosnt happen on all pages. I made sure i am not playing the sound anywhere else at any time when you click on that frame but i cant find whats causing it. Also, this dosnt happen every time, if I click the home link it will do it, then if I click it again it might not... Another problem is sound inconsistency, somtimes when I click on a link it plays the sound much louder then it did before and this also seems to be on a random basis.

      Also, my tween works fine. If I just play the tween its exactly as I want it ( also it plays the tween from frame 70 every page but it dosnt stutter on some ).

      And yes i did the "stop();" in the first frame.
      Whats wrong? Thanks