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    svg files are not visible in Adobe Edge

    Lauren E Furman

      I am able to see where my svg files are, and am able to animate and size them.  However, I can only see the outline of the file, not the actual image.

      When I preview this in my browser, everything is visible and there are no problems.

      How do I see my svg files?

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          Manigandan Adobe Employee

          Hi Lauren


          Can you pl share your composition to let us know how the SVG is being used or can you give more details like your animate version, machine details and specify exactly how it is being used, such as whether the svg does not render only when used within the symbols etc?.



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            A client gave me a psd file wich i converted to a Ai file and after taking a part from that design i converted it into svg in Ai and when i imported that file in the Edge Animate it was not visible all that can be seen is the frame i have tried many things but still it is not visible.
            Kindly can you solve this issue.
            How can we change any settings so we can view the svg in the An.
            On the other hand when we previw it in browser it is visible in the browser.