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    How to make best panned and zoomed HD video from 4K footage


      Dear PrE Experts,

      A major argument for shooting 4K is as 4K advocators/enthusiasts explain, is that a 4K footage gives decent possibilities for cropping and reframing movies.  

      I've been experimenting with the quite straightforward Pan & Zoom Tool (P&Z) in Adobe Premiere Elements 12, and I think I've learned how to use P&Z both with video/movie as well as photos. Here is an example I made today:

      Example of Adobe Premiere Elements 12 Pan & Zoom Tool with Photo and 4K Video - YouTube

      When I imported the 4K footage from Panasonic LX100 4K Video: One Day in Palm Beach on Vimeo into the project, the project settings automatically changed to 3840x2160.

      During editing I tried not to zoom further than a quarter of the size of the frame.

      When I was done with editing, I simply exported the video as 1920x1080/30p XAVC-S file.

      Is this a reasonable process to get the most out of this 4K to HD panning/zooming application?

      Thank You,


      PS: I've learned a lot from these discussions and resources:

      ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE12/12.1: Pan and Zoom Tool and Video File

      Premier Elements 12 zoom vs crop

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          whsprague Adobe Community Professional

          The video from Mark Rosenzweig you are using is not actual camera clips.  Mr. Rosenzweig uses Sony Vegas Pro as his NLE.  As everybody else, he edits the clips and renders an output.  He uses XAVC-S presets in Vegas.  So what Mark generously lets you download is has been processed once.  Clips straight from the camera are a little harder to find for "testing" work flows.   I put one short LX100 clip up for testing that is straight out of the camera.  https://vimeo.com/115366629  Artistically it is bad but, if you download it from Vimeo it is an actual, unaltered 4K clip from a LX100.  I can put up a few more if it helps your your experimentation. 


          I think your procedure is good.   My question would be, that if 1920x1080 is your goal, if XAVC-S is the best preset for output.  My understanding is that XAVC-S is for output to 4K.  It may be that the MP4 presets under AVCHD may work a little better.  


          My acquaintance with Mr. Rosenzweig comes from another forum where the subject of viewing methods and devices for videos based on 4K is debated.  The favorite choice is to buy a 2015 model 4K TV!