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    What am I missing?


      What am I missing. Helps say select Stablizer from the "Adjustment" to remove video camera shake.Stablizer is not an option under "Adjustments" in PE12, which came with the windows 8.1 system.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Premiere Elements 12 Expert workspace fx Effects/ Video Stabilizer/Stabilizer




          Premiere Elements 12 Quick workspace fx Effects/Video Effects/Stabilizer




          Please let us know if you are OK with the above information. If not, please give more details of your situation.

          By the way, have you update 12 to the 12.1 Update using an opened project's Help Menu/Update?



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            hossbog Level 1

            Thanks for the response and trying to help me. But:




            This is all that is shown on My version:






            This is all that is shown on the Adjustments:

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for the reply.


              If you have Premiere Elements 12, you should have seen what I presented in the Expert and Quick workspaces.


              Unfortunately your screenshot of what you are seeing did not get posted. Could you please try again with them?

              a. use your browser to get to the Adobe Premiere Elements Forum, sign in, go to this thread, and use the Insert Image (camera icon) of

              the reply to post your screenshot as a jpeg.


              Please try again. Because of this drastic difference between what is and what you are seeing we are going to have to get as much information

              as possible about your Premiere Elements situation.


              If you cannot post those screenshots, could you describe with as much detail as possible for what you are seeing under the fx Effects Tab.






              After thought...are you working from some pre-installed Premiere Elements 12 that came with the purchase of a computer? If so, what brand and model computer?

              Also, go to Expert workspace, Help Menu/About Premiere Elements and tell us how the scroll describes the program that you have.

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                can someone help me please? I want to take a short sequence I did in a timeline, copy it, and drop it in a new timeline so I do not have to reedit entire thing.. thanks

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  I am glad to be of assistance but you should really start a new thread on your topic which is different from that of hossbog who is trying to discover what happened to the fx effects/Video Stabilizer of Premiere Elements 12.


                  I will give you the generalized way of doing what you want to do and can be more specific once I know what version of Premiere Elements that you have and on what computer operating system that it is running.


                  If you do not have Mac computer, you have 2 choices


                  1. Export the Timeline content of project 1 to a file saved to the computer hard drive and from there import that export into project 2.

                  (If necessary, we can talk about project settings and export settings so that they are consistent from project to project in such a plan.)


                  2. Use the ClipMate program in conjunction with Premiere Elements for a copy/paste insert from project 1 to project 2.

                  The only drawback is that the transitions are lost in the copy/paste insert between projects. The how to can be found

                  ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE: ClipMate Copy/Paste Between Projects


                  You cannot import one project file (.prel) into another, so that is not a possibility for transfer between projects.


                  Please review and consider and think about starting your own new thread. Whatever you decide, I will be watching for your follow up.


                  Thank you.



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                    leeg27294043 Level 1

                    hi thanks. I tried a new thread but wasn't sure if I did it right.. thank you for getting back to me.. yea just figured out I cant take a .prel from one to another.. so what I did was take my final .mov from project one, imported it, and snipped out the sequence I needed to use. and it worked lol.


                    thanks again!

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      Great news. And even greater news of the good job you did in working through your issue.

                      Thanks for the follow up. Appreciated.


                      Best wishes