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    Planning the inheritance!

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      After a lifetime in IT and as a keen photographer, I am now happily retired but occasionally consider what my family may wish to do after I’m gone.  (Sorry, that first sentence was a bit bleak).


      Most of my photographs are now in Lightroom, and I’m still scanning and importing slides and negatives whenever time permits.  The problem I see is that my family are not familiar with Lightroom, most of them are technology averse.  They may just be able to find a particular photo on the hard drive, but it will probably be the jpeg in its original condition.


      Because my photos have been processed through Lightroom before my family, or anyone else, has seen them, they are unlikely find the version they are familiar with (or that I would be happy for anyone to see).  Latterly I take mostly RAW files which my family may not find so easy to view, even if found.


      Have you given this situation any thought?  Should I export all my (best/significant) photos as jpegs?  To where?  What size? What dpi?  With all Metadata? etc. etc.


      Incidentally, I am loath to use a cloud service as I recently read of a family who asked such a provider for access to their deceased father’s photos and were refused as, according to their terms and conditions, all photos become the provider's property upon the death of the user!


      Thanks in advance.


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          High quality JPEG copies that include all of the Lightroom adjustments would probably be a good choice. You might consider having a few printed books created for the best of the best. Then there wouldn't be the technological challenge of finding the treasured images.