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    cfml2js using wddx

      I have a coldfustion array I'd like to convert to javascript. It sounds like I can do that using wddx cfml2js.

      I want to then write it to the js in the parent frame something like parent.myJSarrayvariablename=whatevervalueIjustgotfromthewddxconversion

      At some point I'll need it back in coldfusion again, can I just then convert it back from the javascript array to a coldfusion array using wddx?
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          insuractive Level 3
          Unfortunately, in order to pass data from the client (web browser) to the server you need to initiate a server call. This CAN be accomplished without changing the browser page via AJAX, but it might be easier to force the user to send data to the server via a page request or form post.

          In plain english - in order to get data to the server from the browser, you have to send it there. Form submission and AJAX calls are probably your best bet.