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    Bizzare!  LR won't load NEF files (from either D7000 or D700) for import

    Lynn in Wpg

      Strangest thing....shot some raw pics using my D7000 last night, tried to import and was looking at a blank import screen, IE:  the photos don't load into the screen  (LR 5.6).   Card reader is working file and I could see the files in Win explorer, so I D/L the raw files into a folder on my HD.  Tried importing from there, same result- LR import screen is blank and no error messages.   Went and got my CF card from my D700, which contained previously imported photos - same result - nothing showing.

      So, scratching my head, I did the upgrade to 5.7, which I just hadn't gotten around to doing.   Sad to say, exactly the same result with both SD and CF cards, and no read off the HD.


      This had worked fine 2 days ago...no other changes to the computer.  Any ideas?  There are no error messages of any kind and the card reader(s)  - I tried two - show in Explorer.