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    A Color Puzzle - Can Lightroom Match Color "Worlds"?


      Hi there. First, thanks for reading this. I have a problem:


      There's a picture where a woman is wearing a colorful shirt, and the picture was taken by someone else and only the JPEG of the picture is available.


      I have the same shirt.


      How do I match the colors in the old picture, so that everything color-related about the picture is the same in a new picture? For example, the old model's skin is medium toned in real life, and a bit warmer in the old picture, and in the new picture I'd like the new model's skin not to match the old model's skin tone but to be the tone it would be if the new model and the old model were standing side by side in the old picture. Similarly, any object in the new photo would appear as though it had simply been taken from the old photo and dropped right into the new photo. The colors of both "worlds" would match.


      Is the shirt the key, in that it can be used to figure out the color settings of the old photo?


      Is this a job for the ColorChecker Passport? I'd like to be able to automate the process, so that I can apply a DNG profile to all the new photos so they match the old photo -- and not just the new photos of model with the colorful shirt, but anything that I take pictures of in the future.


      If Lightroom can't solve this, can Photoshop?


      I'd really appreciate any help on this. Thanks so much in advance!

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Unless you have a raw photo for the old picture and you can take a new picture with the same camera in the same lighting, then it doesn’t really help to have a CCPP.   If the other photographer did a calibration of that lighting with a CCPP and can supply you the camera profile for it, and you can also determine the WB settings of that older photo by looking inside it with a text editor to see if the CRS XML tags are there that record what steps occurred, then you might have a chance matching to your raw and applying the same profile and similar settings.  


          If you really only have the JPG and no other information from the other photographer, then matching JPG colors also isn’t easy and takes a lot of trial and error, no matter what software you use.


          If you only have Lightroom but have two monitors then you could conceivably display the old JPG on the second monitor, and lock that image, then switch to your new photo and play with things until the color is similar.


          With Photoshop you can actually measure the RGB numbers for the color(s) and maybe use PS tools to match things a little easier, but it’ll still be trial and error.

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            freeblackfish Level 1

            Thanks very much for the guidance. I guess I'll try to do a side-by-side on an extra-wide LG monitor that I have.