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    Make a symbol instance update to correct size after symbol size has been changed

    jazzbangle Level 1

      Hi all,


      I'm having an issue with symbol sizes.


      I've created a series of symbols with images inside them. Let's say they are 200 x 200px.

      I've decided to make the images smaller. So I go through and replace the image files with new ones, and then correct the image sizes inside the symbols manually (because Edge Animate doesn't offer to update the dimensions! Very annoying when you have to change a lot of graphics as you work).


      So now the images are the size I want, but the symbols they are in are now too big. So I resize the symbol to 100 x 100px while working inside it, using the symbol's property panel.


      Now on the stage, the symbol is still the old size of 200 x 200px. If I adjust the size manually to 100 x 100px, it also sets the transform properties to 50%. It also seems to look wrong.


      However, if I drag the updated symbol in fresh from the Library onto the stage, it appears totally fine and at the new, correct size.


      How can I have my existing symbol instances update to the correct sizes when I adjust them? It is a pain to have to replace them manually from the Library every time as there is code/animations on them which I have to copy over to the new symbol instance before I can get rid of the old one.