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    What does the OPTIMIZE option exactly on CFCOLLECTION

    francois-yanick Level 1
      I am actually writing a script to maintain our several (few hundreds) CFCOLLECTION. This script will run overnight once in a while (I still have to define the frequency but I already know that the collections will need an update less often than been re-indexing). We have many way to search through our content and the strategy to have many small collections will work better than have bigger collections.

      Anyway, this topic is not define the strategy but to know what the OPTIMIZE option is doing exactly and if it is better to include this option in the script so the collection will be always optimize or it is not necessary. I guest it will require more time to operate this option over the hundreds of collection we have and this can be an issue as well. Running the script overnight means that we will have less traffic and we will sacrify the functionalities of our search engine - for the online availability - for a certain amount of time but we will prefer to have less than more down-time! ;-)

      Thank you for any hint about this!