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    Coldfusion Websockets server with Angular front-end?

    Digdug Level 1

      Anyone here have any success with a CF server running WebSockets and an AngularJS front-end?  I'm having some trouble and hoping for help.


      Just one channel on the server:

           THIS.wschannels = [{name="test1"}];


      As a note, this Application.cfc is in a subdirectory (api/rest) where we're running our taffy rest backend.  Should it be moved to the top lever, or does it matter?


      On the front end I've tried a few things along these lines:


          var ws = new WebSocket("ws://localhost:8575/api/rest");


          ws.onopen = function(){ 

              console.log("Socket has been opened!"); 



          ws.onmessage = function(message) {




          function listener(data) {

            var messageObj = data;

            console.log("Received data from websocket: ", messageObj);


      $scope.send = function() {

            ws.send("Hello WebSockets!");


      I'm running to local angular clients on different ports and runnign the send from one.  Never see a response anywhere.  Suggestions?

      Any leads appreciated.