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    AE CC crashes on certain project


      Been working on a project since about 8 pm (currently 12:32 am) when suddenly, after effects CC 2014.1.1, crashed. Nothing else than a "program not responding" window popped up. I decided alright no biggie and went back to work on it. It crashed even faster. I can hardly RAM preview a clip without it crashing. However, it only occurs on this project. I opened up another project and RAM previewed the whole thing. Moved some stuff around, added things, it worked just fine. Attempted the other project and the same problem occurred. I am running Windows 8.1, please help.



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Well, there are about a hundred thousand things that you could be doing with your composition that is crashing that you are not doing in the composition that isn't crashing so without details we have no idea what may be going on. The first, most likely cause, is that you have added some footage that has as codec that is giving you problems or you added an effect that is causing you problems. Something changed in your project in the 4 hours that is causing problems so unless you can figure out what is new we have no idea what is going on.


          Try this. Open you composition that is crashing and turn off one layer at a time and try your ram preview. When you find the layer that is causing the problem start turning off the effects applied to that layer one at a time. When you find the thing that is causing the crash let us know and show us a screenshot of your composition or a flow chart so we can see what is interacting with what. . .

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            jordanm1996 Level 1

            Thank you. I think one of my sound effects I added caused it. I'll go through and check which one.