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    Enter Payment Details Error


      Hi - I am trying to pay for Creative Cloud - Photography installation (PS+Lightroom) as my 30 day trial has expired.  Every time I have entered my payment details I get caught up in an endless "do-loop" where I'm taken back to the same "Please provide payment details" page. I tried last night on two different devices (iMac & PC) and no less than 4 different browsers! I engaged chat support and after at least an hour of "support" I was no closer to submitting my payment.


      i take it that Adobe is aware of this issue - which appears to have been ongoing for some time based on the extensive discussion threads on this topic?  What is being done to resolve this issue and what can I do this weekend to activate my subscription? Do you have 7-day subscription support?


      I am astounded by how Adobe cannot provide a functional and effective online billing capability?