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    Lightroom keeps changing default import location; how to set it once and for all?

    andreash61803314 Level 1

      Hi all,


      I'm on a mac, and coming from iPhoto. After migrating to Lightroom, I made is so my photos imports from my camera into "/Pictures/LightroomMasters/year/month/day".Now, suddenly, I noticed that they end up in "/Pictures/year/month/day".


      I really want Lightroom to keep importing everything inside the "Lightroom Masters"-folder, without me clicking to that location everytime I attach my camera. But going through the Preferences, and Catalouge-settings, I can not find the equivalent of "Default import location". Is there such a setting? Or is Lightroom meant to remember where is imported to last, and keep on using that?


      Thanks in advance,



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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          It seems to remember the folder structure on my system. But I'm running Windows 7. I just tested it by inserting a memory card and importing the images on it, I don't connect cameras to my computer, to my E drive and to a folder named Pictures 2015. I had LR place these images in a sub-folder of that Picture 2015 with the date in the format of 20150201 and which these picture were taken on the 30th of January so the folder was 20150130. I then closed LR and reopened it and took some more shots around the house and then imported those. LR import dialog went right back to that E drive \Pictures 2015 folder and placed those newer images in a folder named 20150201.

          So it remembered which drive and which top level folder it was supposed to. Not sure it it would work with a secondary sub-folder under the Pictures 2015 folder.

          To be honest I rarely use the import from memory card feature of LR. I don't care for the naming conventions it offers. I do use the Adobe Photo Downloader applet that comes with PS Bridge as the naming convention in that creates sub-folders with just the month and day in this format 0201. I don't need the year tacked on to the front of that sub-folder name, although it can do that, as I store all my images by years to begin with. Then I import to LR from those folders the APD app creates.


          If you are using more than one camera it might remember for each camera so from now on it will go back to the right folder.