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    Play head not moving


      I have just upgraded my Apple Mac from Version 10.10.1. to 10.10.2 and now my play head will not move !


      Any suugestions ?


      Please advise


      Many thanks

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Did you tell Apple that their update is causing problems?


          Yosemite sometimes has problems, often related to "default" permissions needing to be changed

          -one person's solution https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1689788

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            Kidson Level 1

            Uninstalled Premier Elements 12 - downloaded Premier Elements 13 - loaded project - but play head still not moving.


            Will raise problem with Apple as well as Adobe

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              You wrote

              I have just upgraded my Apple Mac from Version 10.10.1. to 10.10.2 and now my play head will not move !

              Did the Timeline Indicator not move in 12 as well as 13?


              Have you tried to delete the Adobe Premiere Elements Prefs file for your Premiere Element 12 and/or 13?


              I believe that the Adobe Premiere Elements Prefs file should be in the Mac location of

              For 12

              Users\Owner\Libraries\Application Support\Adobe\Premiere Elements\12.0

              For 13

              Users\Owner\Libraries\Application Support\Adobe\Premiere Elements\13.0



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                Kidson Level 1

                Thanks for your suggestion ATR - that was one of tghe first things I tried.


                Afetr deleting the prefs files the problem still existed


                I have an App called AppCleaner which removes all files and I used that to remove all my Premier Elements 12.1 files. inckuding the App itself


                I then downloaded Premier Elements 13 and hoped that would clear the problem - regrettably NO -

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                  Kidson Level 1

                  Pleased to advise that in Premier Elements 13 play head now moving - I deleted all Premier Elements 13 and 12 files - then reinstalled 13 and then placed a single JPEG photo and added a small voice over and much to my surpise play head moved and all now playing as it should.


                  I am now trying to reinstall Premier Elements 12.1 to see if that works OK as the 13 edition I have is only a trial version  - but unable find version 12.1 on the Adobe website I only see Premier Elements 13

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                    Kidson Level 1

                    Managed to reinstall Premier Elements 12.1 but play head not moving - so deleted 12.1 once again


                    Went back to Premier Elements 13 and now play head not moving - so will have to delete all and start from scratch again

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                      Kidson Level 1

                      deleted all - reinstalled Premeier Elements 13 and play head not moving - something very finny going on here which I don't understand

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                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                        If you need tryout files for Premiere Elements 12, then consider using the ones from the following


                        Just read and carry out carefully the web site's "Note: Very Important Instructions" to avoid running into an Access Denied message.

                        Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 Direct Download Links, Premiere too | ProDesignTools

                        You can insert your purchased 12 serial number into them.


                        If you purchased from Adobe direct, check out "My Orders" at Adobe web site.

                        Also, Download Premiere Elements products | 13, 12, 11, 10


                        When you are doing the testing for the Timeline Indicator movement issue, have you been using the same jpeg files for all of the recent tests?



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                          Kidson Level 1

                          ATR thanks again for your help - but I am totally lost and frustrated


                          I once again deleted all Premier Element files - downloaded afresh Premier Elements 13 and yes used exactly the same jpeg photos - just two - and attempted to add some short narration voice over - jpeg showing but voice over not showing on the timeline and playhead not moving.


                          I am exasperated - in Portugal no one local capable of assisiting - hardware technicians - but no software experts who can help !!

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                            A.T. Romano Level 7



                            Sorry that the news was not better.


                            Have you talked to Apple about this matter as it might relate to Mac permissions?


                            I am not sure the following will work, but...

                            Contact Adobe Chat about Premiere Elements 13, not 12, since Adobe typically supports only the current version (13).

                            Did you purchase 13 or is it the tryout? Whatever the case,

                            Contact Customer Care

                            Premiere Elements

                            Adobe ID, Signing In

                            Adobe ID, Sign In, Account Help

                            Chat Panel

                            If the link does not hold its set, then you will need to navigate to the Chat Panel using the above titles as guides.

                            The above is not ideal path, but it should take you to an active Chat Panel whose representative might help you or transfer

                            you to an Adobe undocumented Chat Panel who has the answer.


                            Another ray of hope my come from recent re-appearance of Adobe's PRE_help to answer Premiere Elements 13 questions in this forum.

                            It might be that PRE_help sees your thread and comes to help you. But, I am not Adobe, only user of the programs, so

                            I can only speculate on that.



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                              Kidson Level 1

                              Thanks yet again ATR


                              I am currently downloading Premier Elements 12.1 following the link you kindly provided - it will take an hour or so to download and then will need to install - will let you know what happens.


                              I shall try and get onto Adobe chat - see if anyone can help - what I fail to understand is why Premier Elements 12 was working so well and then suddenly stopped - It is my assumption as a result of my updating my iMac to the latest OSX system - but this is only an assumption


                              I have asked an Apple Technician to visit me tomorrow AM - he openly admits he is not au fait with Adobe software - at least there will be two heads here and two should be better than one - I hope

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                                A.T. Romano Level 7



                                Looks like you are on a good course of action.


                                We will be watching for further developments.


                                Best wishes for success.



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                                  Kidson Level 1

                                  Deleted all files etc related to Premier Elements 12 and !3 - also used Adobe uninstall to ensure nothing left behind.


                                  Then downloaded Premier Elements 12 once more  but regret to inform still no luck - play head does not move

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                                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                                    What was the outcome with the visit with Apple technician?


                                    In an earlier post you mentioned using the AppCleaner as part of your uninstalls/reinstalls.


                                    Depending on how matters are progressing, please consider doing the uninstall, free ccleaner Mac run through, and the

                                    the reinstall with antivirus and firewall disabled.

                                    CCleaner - Download

                                    The free version should do the job if it is to be done.


                                    Also, when the Apple people come (if they have not come already), please get an opinion from the person who comes about

                                    your video card/graphics card and driver version. Talk about a driver version roll back to see if there could be a problem with

                                    using the up to date version.of the card's driver. Even consider an uninstall reinstall of the driver.


                                    Of importance is the integrity of the operating system change.


                                    I have never run into the no movement of the Timeline Indicator. I did run into a situation where the Timeline Indicator's head

                                    would not move but its stem did. But, the problem resolved itself spontaneously. I think that involved version 12/12.1 or 13 on

                                    Windows 7 64 bit.


                                    We will be watching for further developments.


                                    Do not give up.



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                                      Kidson Level 1

                                      HI - The Apple Technician only arrived this morning - we must be in different time zones


                                      I should explain that I currently have two problems with my Apple Mac - both which occured after  updating my system software - The Premier Elements situ you are familiar with


                                      The other problem concerned the latest version of iMovie - when I add a new Video recording - can see video but unable hear any sound - i.e there is no sound.


                                      Prior to Apple Technician arriving I managed to get hold of Apple direct and they were able to share and see my computer screen - we were on for over two hours and at the end of which they suggested I do a complete system reinstall which I am not happy to do just yet.


                                      The Apple Technician who visited was most helpful and systematically eliminated one possible issue after another - that said the problem still currently remains - it would seem that any new video shot in a particular format will not work properly - alas the testing goes on and we have set up another chat with Apple direct at 3.30pm tomorrow.


                                      As far as the Premier problem is concerned he was regrettably unable to assist - he too could not reconcile why the play head would not play and I must try to get hold of someone at Adobe to sort this out for me as I much prefer to do my editing in Premier Elements in lieu of iMovie.  - Incidentally the new video recordings that do not play properly in the current and latest version of iMove - play perfectly well in a much older version.


                                      If I have any success anywhere will let you know

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                                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                                        Thanks for the update.


                                        Sorry that we are not there yet with an overall solution for your situation.


                                        Although Adobe appears generous with its Chat opportunities for Premiere Pro, less so for Premiere Elements 13 current version.

                                        In your contact with Chat Panel keep the focus on 13 otherwise your contact might seem to it as 12 and direct you to Ask the Community

                                        which is us, user to user.


                                        I am still suggesting the Chat contact with the information that I already posted in post 10 of this thread.


                                        Looking forward to further developments.



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                                          Kidson Level 1

                                          Thanks for the reply ATR - glad to know you still there.


                                          I tried to make direct contact last night with Adobe or the day before - but was referred back to the community


                                          Will try again later or tomorrow - as we having to go out this evening

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                                            Kidson Level 1

                                            As previously advised I have two problems with my Apple Mac - since updating my system software to OSX Version 10.10.2 – I had no problems in 10.10.1


                                            What I am about to relate will sound absolutely Bazar


                                            I had Apple share my screen for well over a couple of hours whilst I had sitting next to me the official Apple Authorised Service Provider here on the Algarve in Portugal.

                                            To cut a long story short, after attempting to eliminate all possible problem areas, it was concluded that a complete system reinstall would be necessary, as nothing we tried resolved the problem with either the iMovie or Premier Elements.


                                            At this juncture the Apple Service provider left leaving me to do the Reinstall


                                            When I went to click on the Reinstall icon, only to be informed the operation could not be completed, as I was not connected to the Internet!!


                                            I should explain my Internet connection is by 4g – Wi-fi and I have no means to connect with an Ethernet cable – I mention that as at the point of clicking the Apple Reinstall icon and being told I was not connected to the Internet I was given the option to click on the wi-fi  option if my connection was with wi-fi.  Having done that I still had no luck and was not able to reinstall the system software.


                                            So took my computer to my son in law – who connected his Internet connection to my computer with an Ethernet cable.  I thought it best to show him prior to proceeding what my problems were. Alas when attempting to do so, magically the iMove now played with sound and the Premier Elements play head duly moved!!   -  Hours and hours trying to resolve problem by myself then with directly with apple taking over my computer screen  and then once again with apple taking over my computer screen  this time  in conjunction with the certified apple service provider - yet a simple connection with an Ethernet cable and everything works fine!!


                                            It was thought at this point in time, what had possibly happened was that whilst I was originally updating my system software it must have momentarily stopped and not fully updated though it showed the update was successful – by attaching the Ethernet cable  - the ‘glitch’ was still in memory and downloaded.


                                            So we did not think at the time it was necessary to reinstall the complete system update.


                                            I came back home and tested immediately to see if all was working – iMovie was fine as was Premier Elements 13 but the problem still existed in Premier Elements 12 – so I decided to delete Elements 12 and duly did so.  - I then returned to Elements 13 but alas the play head would no longer move – I then went to see if iMovie was working OK – only to find once again NO sound


                                            So clearly the two issues are related and whatever is being done in Premier is effecting iMovie – how and why as this stage I have no idea.


                                            Suffice to say I have used CCleaner suggested by ATR


                                            I deleted – and uninstalled both Elements 12 & 13 and then downloaded 13 once again – problem however still remains – Play head will not move.


                                            My son in law is coming over tomorrow and intends to bring a repeater so we can connect to the Internet with an Ethernet cable to see if that will again eliminate the problem – this saga goes on and on – in the many many years I have been using an apple Mac never experienced a problem akin to this one


                                            If Ethernet cable does not prove successful at least I will then have the means to reinstall the latest system software – namely 10.10.2


                                            Will keep you informed of progress or lack of

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                                              A.T. Romano Level 7



                                              Thanks for the update. Does the router come with Ethernet ports? Is it that you do not have Ethernet cable to use or you do not have an Ethernet port on the computer side?

                                              In this next series of troubleshooting are you going to check out the wireless settings for the router? Just in case note, you need an Internet connection for the activation of Premiere Elements at installation. The Internet connection is also needed for first time/one time activation of some of the program features and for the use of the program's Online Services.

                                              But, once that is done and considered, you do not need an Internet connection when using Premiere Elements.


                                              We will be looking for your progress. It sounds like you are getting close to success.


                                              Best wishes



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                                                Kidson Level 1

                                                Hi ATR


                                                The router does not come with an Ethernet cable - the router in this instance looks very much like a phone - but I have other routers here and my son in law intends to configure one to use with the 'phone' so we can plug in an Ethernet cable - which will then enable me to reinstall the system software if required - which I could have done earlier today - but since everything was working OK without having to reinstall - we thought perhaps wrongly, it was unnecessary.


                                                My wi-fi works normally just does not have a port to insert an Ethernet cable


                                                Thanks for your continued interest - case is really most bizar


                                                Kind regards

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                                                  Kidson Level 1

                                                  ATR - I have had enough !!


                                                  Reinstalled Apple OS X Yosemite version 10.10.2


                                                  reinstalled Premier Elements 13


                                                  Play Head still will not move/play  - problem in iMovie also remains  - no other issues problems on my computer


                                                  Apple have done what they can but without the assistance from Adobe - I surrender

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                                                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                                                    What happened? Did your latest session with the Ethernet connection run into problems?


                                                    What is Apple's stance on why the no audio with iMovie?


                                                    Whatever your decision to proceed or not to proceed, I understand when enough is enough.

                                                    Sometimes it works to retreat and then advance refreshed.


                                                    Best wishes



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                                                      Kidson Level 1

                                                      Hi ATR no problems with the Reinstall - all went well - but problems still remain.


                                                      Apple service provider 's exact words:




                                                      After all that the only option left is a reformat and reinstallation. But that's a big job. Several hours."


                                                      Thanks for all your help and understanding

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                                                        Kidson Level 1

                                                        HI ATR,


                                                        Should explain the reinstall I did at my Villa was with my Wi-Fi - not via an Ethernet cable.


                                                        So as previously advisedafter reinstall  nothing worked - no sound in iMovie and Play head will not move/play.


                                                        I am currently at my son in laws where we have plugged in his Ethernet cable.


                                                        I know it sounds incredulous and unbelievable - but it's true - we once again have sound in iMovie and the pLay head moves and plays in both Elements 13 as well as 12 !!!


                                                        Neither of us can offer any reasoned or logical explanation - but there has to be one


                                                        I shall go home and see whether iMovie and Elemetns continue to work with no problems


                                                        Was not a happy bunny with all these problems so prior to everything once again working here at my son in laws this morning - I ordered the latest 27 inch Retina display from Apple yesterday!!!!!  - Delivery later this month.

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                                                          A.T. Romano Level 7



                                                          Thanks for the update with the ray of hope that you will be able to get into your projects instead of being detoured by setup troubleshooting.


                                                          Can you get a WiFi consultation with the manufacturer of the specific router that you are using? Have you been there and done that? Please remind me, did the Apple technical person that visited you go over that aspect of your problems?



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                                                            Kidson Level 1

                                                            Hi ATR,


                                                            When at my son in laws we uninstalled Elements 13 to avoid any possible conflict - so only Elements 12 on my computer


                                                            Disconnected Ethernet cable - shut down computer and restarted with no Internet connection


                                                            Both Premier and iMovie worked fine


                                                            Now back home at my Villa.


                                                            Premier loaded up OK and delighted to say play head moving, as it should.


                                                            Shut down Premier and opened iMovie - but alas no sound!!


                                                            Shut down iMovie and reopened Premier and thank goodness that still working - at least at the present time


                                                            We not sure to what extent if any my Wi-Fi contributing to the problem - my son in law continues to believe its a driver problem


                                                            I have not acquainted the Apple service provider as yet - as to the magic with my son in laws Ethernet cable


                                                            Anyway I can live without iMovie so long as I have Premier working properly.

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                                                              A.T. Romano Level 7



                                                              Congratulations on your progress and continuing success. Hopefully the explanation and remedy will be found to get the whole problem

                                                              taken care of.


                                                              Best wishes to you and your son in law on a job well done.


                                                              Your updates were appreciated.



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                                                                Kidson Level 1



                                                                Having unliked the Audio and Video - How do you connect them back again?

                                                                • 29. Re: Play head not moving
                                                                  Kidson Level 1



                                                                  Have found how to link Audi and Video again !!!!!

                                                                  • 30. Re: Play head not moving
                                                                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                                                                    That was a quick and great job you just did linking the unlinked video and audio.


                                                                    Best wishes.



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                                                                      Kidson Level 1



                                                                      I think that at last we have a logical explanation as to what was causing the problems in iMovie and Premier Elements.


                                                                      My Apple service provider suggested I try unplugging all unnecessary peripherals from my Mac and see if the problem persists. Maybe something external is interfering...


                                                                      Well that did it - Unplugged all peripherals and launched iMovie and sound is back and Premier still working properly


                                                                      Wow what an exercise !!



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                                                                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                                                                        Wonderful news after all the ups and downs and ups. So very happy to learn of your success.


                                                                        If you have time, it would be interesting to learn how many peripherals got unplugged and which one(s) was/were causing

                                                                        the problem. But, at this point, if all is working, leave well enough alone and proceed regarding peripherals as per Apple -

                                                                        especially since your issue takes in an Apple product (iMovie) as well as Premiere Elements Mac.


                                                                        Best wishes



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                                                                          Kidson Level 1

                                                                          Have not yet resolved which peripheral(s) causing the conflict


                                                                          Peripherals attached:  keyboard - mouse - 2TB back up Hard Drive - - 3 Printers - One scanner - One Samson Podcasting - pair of Harman Kardon soundsticks -  two kensington usb hubs - One sandisk multi card reader - one DVD burner


                                                                          Thats it

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                                                                            A.T. Romano Level 7



                                                                            Thanks for the removed periphera(s) list.

                                                                            Here is my order (guessing)


                                                                            1. Samson Podcasting - Harman Kardon Soundsticks

                                                                            2. Rest??


                                                                            But, as I suggested, if working and you do not need any of these, consider leaving the happy state of everything working without them..


                                                                            Best wishes