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      Hallo ;

      Ich habe ein Adobe ID via meinem Laptop angelegt. Ich habe auch unter Tolino ebenfalls autorisierung gemacht. Leider wenn ich ein Buch aufmache zeigt  Adobe Fehlerursache  E_ADEPT_CORE-USER-NOT-ACTIVATED,   was mache ich Falsch bitte?



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          Ich habe genau das gleiche Problem wie du.

          Habe mein Passwort schon zurücksetzen lassen und neu eingegeben und die Fehlermeldung bleibt.

          Solangsam werde ich doch ziemlich böse, da mich so ein umständlicher Weg tierisch nervt!!!!



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            shreya Adobe Employee

            This error is thrown while trying to open a book that is authorized for a user different than the user currently logged in. To correct this error, log in with the Adobe ID the content was fulfilled with.


            Hope this works !!

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              Hi Shreya,


              that isn't the reason that it is used the wrong Adobe ID user. This fault appears in all Tolino devices and is well know by ebook licensers.

              As computer scientist I identified that there a two problems. First is that there is a problem in the Tolino firmware of the manufactor Telekom.


              But there is a second problem in the adobe library which is used in Tolino firmware. The workaround, like you have suggested, is to enter the same Adobe ID again and it works. But that leads to the problem that after 6 new titles, which need a new identification with the same Adobe ID, the Adobe DRM library show the error message E_ACT_TOO_MANY_ACTIVATIONS. If the user types in 6 times the same Adobe ID for new titles the Tolino device is registered again and the license server of Adobe is not capable to identify that this device is already registered with this Adobe ID. That is a bug.


              I asked to open a case when I reset the device activation in a chat with the Adobe support but I didn't got a feedback and since a year there is no bug fix even the support told me that he/she opened a case for me. I think Adobe has to work strongly on its customer service and should accept bug reports from end users.




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                I have the same problem on a Tolino Vision. It appeared suddenly when I had bought a new ebook in the Thalia web store and downloaded it directly to the Reader. I was always logged into my Adobe ID and had been able to open and read two other ebooks. The third one didn't open and the claim was that it is registered to a different Adobe ID than my Tolino (but I had just freshly bought the ebook and never changed the Adobe ID on my Reader). I tried to amend this by logging out of the Adobe ID and then logging into it again but now I cannot open any of the protected ebooks anymore, not even the ones I had been reading before. The error shown is E_ADEPT_CORE-USER-NOT-ACTIVATED but my Reader (Tolino Vision) tells me that I am logged in with my Adobe ID. And I don't have any other ID.

                This is a serious issue since it rendered my ebook Reader useless and all previously bought ebooks useless. I will ask for my money back if this issue is not resolved quickly.

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                  I have exactly the same problem like you described. I bought an ebook and I tried to open it directly on my Tonlino Vision HD2. Of course this didn't work. After failing to open the book on my Tolino I downloaded the Adobe Digital Edition and opened the book on my Windows PC. When I try to copy my ebook to the the device I recive this error message: CE_COPY_NOT_ALLOWED

                  The only way is to copy the epub file via the explorer. When I try to open the file on my reader I'm getting the same error as mentioned in the topic.

                  I don't have any other Adobe ID's as the installed on my Tolino.

                  Anyone has an idea?



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                    I'm havihg the same problem. Have you found a solution?

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                      Are there any news on that? I tryed to move from Tolino shine to Tolino vision 4 HD and lost all my books.

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                        Ich glaub das jetzt nicht! Seit 2 Jahren ist dieses Problem nicht gelöst? Hätt ich das mal vorher gewusst, hätte ich das Teil sicher nicht gekauft.


                        Wird das hier bearbeitet? Im Support-Bereich kommt man ja nicht wirklich weiter, außer FAQs kein wirklicher Support.