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    Button help

      Okay, the only part of action script i really know is the basics. I know bold, italic, underlineand so forth..basically i just know text scripts, and if something is started i can work and eventually finish it...but i have recently been in the process of creating a few plat maps for my job and i am having some difficulty. What i have so far is done on adobepdf files but what i need is on flash i believe. Basically i have a neighborhood diagram that has the lot numbers for each house. I went ahead and put "sold" signs on the ones that were sold and comments that explained the house, so when you roll over the mouse it tells you what kind of house was built there. What i need to have done is i need the sold signs to be buttons and when you push the button the house (a picture of, and the pictures ive already made as symbols so all the information is copied to the picture) will pop up with the information on it, and then you can just close out of it and move on. If that doesnt make sense and youre willing to help me out just email me at filledemptyspaces@yahoo.com and i can explain in detail but i just need help. Im sure its possible, there might be another program better suited but any help from anyone, even a little, will be benificial.
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          rc3rdmd Level 1
          You can simply make an "invisible" button, one with just a hit area defined. Then place that button over the sold signs, giving each instance of the button a different instance name.

          When you click on one of the buttons, use "gotoAndStop" to go to different frames corresponding to the information you want displayed regarding the houses.

          Hope this helps.

          Rob Childress
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            casiew Level 1
            When you use the gotoandstop, how are you supposed to set that up? every time i enter the frame and scene it says script error, so for an example, how would that show up?
            thank you again