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    Help! How do I upgrade my Photography CC plan to the discounted Complete CC plan? I would like to use Adobe Illustrator, now!


      At the end of my trial for Illustrator, I am given  this:


      So I click that open to the plans page in my browser. Click on the Complete CC discount plan. It loads my account data and spits out this:

      notification CC.JPG

      So, I click on "See your plan details" and it takes me to my plan area of my CC account. I click on "Manage plan," and then get this:


      That's all well and good, but I'm hoping to pay it by month (as I do with the photography plan), since I am but a wee freelancer just starting out...

      So, I click on "Upgrade plan," which stops me on the next page due to the information given at the top and then the bottom.




      Yeah. Well, I am not ready for such a huge hit to my bank account, and when I run the calculations, it comes down to the $49.99/mo plan (not the discounted plan), anyway. It also doesn't give me the option to ONLY purchase Illustrator to add onto the photography plan, which is generally what I am wanting, anyway.


      So, my question is, if I don't qualify for the discount, then why is it being shown on my trial expiration? Since I am a current CC customer, it seems to me that I should qualify, though. And barring that, if I don't qualify, is there any way to purchase access to Illustrator via the Photography plan without paying $50/month?


      I suppose if the $50 one is the only route open to me, I will just have to wait until I've gotten enough work to qualify the expenditure, but it would be wonderful to get the $30 discounted one. And yes, right now, $20 is enough of a gap to hit my budget, especially when it adds up month after month.


      Thanks for any assistance you can provide me.