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    Hard drive crashed... How can I recover my Photoshop install.


      bought full blown CS6 (IIRC) for use in processing astrophotograph images on a dedicated laptop about 3 years ago...  Ssd just died.  Lost everything and now need to reinstall all sorts of stuff.  But my photoshop was purchased via download, and I can't find (heck remember) what I might have done with the key (?).  My email, address, etc have not changed.


      how would anyone recommend I go about working this with Adobe support?


      I Don't know where to start, and I've dozens of other expensive software for which I've no disks either. (anyone else hate that nothing comes with discs anymore)


      thanks so so much in advance for any pointers, or assistance!  Apologies if this isn't even the right forum





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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The first thing you oughta do is contact Adobe Support thru chat and ask them to reset your activations so that you have the activation you lost back for your use.  I don't tknow if they can help you with your serial number but chances are it will be needed for the deactivation.


          As far as finding your serial number goes, if you registered your software when you first installed it then the serial number should be available thru your Adobe account online in the products section.  You might also find a download link there if you originally downloaded thru Adobe.


          For chat: (may not be available on the weekend)

          For the link below click the Still Need Help? option in the blue area at the bottom and choose the chat option...

          Serial number and activation chat support (non-CC)
          http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/global/service1.html ( http://adobe.ly/1aYjbSC )