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    GTX 760 vs GTX 960...stick or twist?

    Ed2149 Level 1

      Have pretty much made my mind up on this but for a sanity check thought I would ask it here for those with more know.


      I have a couple of PNY GTX 760's bought just before Christmas at a cracking price. The plan is/was they are to go into a couple of Dell T5810's that I am about to install for an upcoming project (Xeon 1620v3, 16GB 2133 RAM, 2 x 256 SSD). I saw that the GTX 960's are now on the market, so should I send back the 760's and upgrade to the 960's at a cost of about £40(ish) extra per card, or stick with the GTX 760's as they are a solid card that by my understanding is a pretty good balance with the rest of the system?


      I already have 3 hex core versions of these systems running with GTX 970's and have been very happy with them, however I know newer is not always better. There are limited benchmarks out there for GTX 960's (that I have been able to find anyway), and they are mostly gaming related. I have seen some chatter around that fact that it is not a great leap on from the GTX 760, but how does that translate to sue with Adobe and in particular Premiere and Media Encoder? On paper where the 760 boasts 256-bit with memory bandwidth of 192.2 GB/sec the 960 is 128-bit with 112 GB/sec. I know the improvements of Maxwell over Kepler more than makes up for these stats across the higher end cards, but aside from the lower power draw and heat generation would it really be worth it in this case?


      So stick or twist? My current thinking is stick with the 760's as it is not worth the extra £'s.


      Thanks in advance for any and all comments.

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          Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

          Well the GTX 760 with more cores 1152 versus 1024 and more memory bandwidth 192 versus 112 GB/second make the  GTX 760  a CURRENT winner.  But if you are thinking towards the future and want HDMI 2.0 for future use then go with the GTX 960, but HDMI 2.0 implies 4K video and neither card is well equipped to process 4K,

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            Ed2149 Level 1

            Thank you Bill, as always the voice of reason I was looking for and a greatfully received reassurance that my thinking was straight on this one, hell by all accounts I might be getting the hang of this technology!

            There are no plans for these rigs to be going anywhere near 4K as part of their roles as not sure how well the 1620v3 would hold up in that area, and we have several of their hex core bigger brothers to pickup the slack first if/when that day comes.


            Stick it is!