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    How can I change background color of buttons?

    MECS Level 1

      I am using Director 11.5.9 on my iMac. I have a demo program I created a few years back on MX and I need to change the background color of some push buttons on a screen in the demo.  That used to be simple.  Now I can't seem to discover the magic formula. I used to double click on a button on the screen, and the button would change into a mode that enabled me to select different colors from the palette. Now, when I double click on a button, whether on the screen, or in the cast window, or in the score, Director immediately crashes to the desktop.


      Is this a known problem with Director? Is there a fix? Is there a workaround? Are there any ideas? Is there any other way to change a button color?


      Thanks for whatever you can tell me on this.