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    WebDAV error in CPS 1.11


      Bye bye Adobe. Our University offers an in-house www hosting and editing application so I will drop Contribute, Dreamweaver and CPS. That's a shame but I cannot spend entire afternoons debugging CPS access.

      To recap, I can configure a website connection using Dreamweaver CS3. However the second time I attempt to administer the website using Contribute, I am refused with the error message "WebDAV user name or password is incorrect". I delete the _mm folder and I can set up administration again, but on the second attempt to logon, I am refused etc etc etc.

      I think it is a problem with CPS writing some xml file into the server sites. Not really sure, but I pay Adobe to be sure. Adobe doesn't seem to care. No updates to CPS in two years.

      As another forum user opined, we knew it was a bad thing when Adobe bought Macromedia.