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    CS2 download problems

    celtic armorer

      My last upgrade was to CS2 (photoshop, indesign, illustrator, acrobat 7), I have hundreds of files done in indesign and illustrator; photoshop basically has been replaced with Lightroom 2 upgraded to 4 of which LR meets my photo needs except cloning tool of which PS is still used. My hard drive finally crashed last week and I replaced it, but. . .I have thrown out over the years my PS and IL discs, found my indesign but not the S/N. I'm running WIN 7 Pro for the purpose of using my CS2. However, none of the CS2 or individual programs on the adobe site do not work with the S/N the site states. Can this solution be fixed? I have util next Friday a bulletin is required from me which I produce in IN.