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    unknown c++ exception when opening a composition

    houseofpretty Level 1

      working on Mac 10.10.2, EA 2014.1.1.


      Edge Animate is basically becoming unusable for me. I’m trying to finish a long-ish animation containing about 80 .pngs shown in sequence. every time I try to even open the file, i get this gem:


      Screenshot 2015-02-01 15.57.20.png


      and an attempt to publish is resulting in this:


      Screenshot 2015-02-01 15.57.26.png


      so, a file which previous published is now unpublishable, and I’m supposed to show the client in the morning. is this a known issue with this version, or what? this is client work; and it's unacceptable for software marketed as usable to suddenly stop working.