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    Hibernate Annotation and Security


      I wonder if anybody known whether FDMS supports hibernate annotation or not?

      Also, we need fine-grain access control at property level with POJOs managed by Hibernate. I wonder if anyone knows how to extend FDMS for this purpose?

        • 1. Hibernate Annotation and Security
          I was getting ready to post a similar question.

          I have seen the recent samples on hibernate - they are very nice, but there is a serious need for hibernate examples (integrated in to FDS) with security. So, authentication against a users table and authorization against roles and even down to the granularity level of access privs for hibernate fields (horizontal as well as vertical security examples would be nice).

          It's not just java people who are showing interest in Flex - a lot of other folks, for example from the .NET world, are showing interest. So, just saying that security in Flex is simple because of its ability to integrate with J2EE doesn't help...

          Finaly, it would also be nice to see examples for secure web services. I can easily consume .NET web services but how do I secure that consumption? An example project with WSE 3.0 integration, etc, would be nice...