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      is it possible to sync between a laptop and desktop so created videos are on both

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          My first impression is that the answer to your question is No, however it depends on what you actually want to do. Example, do you want to have two

          computers each opened with Premiere Elements 13 and have your actions in computer 1 happening at the same time  in the Premiere Elements 13 on computer 2?


          What version of Premiere Elements and on what computer operating system for each computer?


          It is my understanding that if you have the same purchased activated serial number on no more of 2 of your computers,

          that is OK. But, it is my understanding that you are not supposed to run both at the same time. I have seen that written in

          the Adobe Premiere Elements Forum before by others, and that is supposed to be in accord with the Adobe Licensing Agreement.


          In spite of that I do not believe that, if you tried that, you would get a program message similar to the message you get from the program if you were trying to put the same

          purchased activated serial number on more than 2 of your computers.



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            No I didn't have both running at the same time One is a desk top ;the other

            is a laptop.  Both  have  Premire 13

            I made a video on my laptop . I would like to use it from my desktop. Is

            this possible? ie  via a cloud source. It's all private and in house.


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              Thank you for the reply.


              Do you just want to view a video now on your computer 1 on a player in computer 2.

              If so, please check out the computer details for creating a Homegroup.


              If you want to continue computer 1 Premiere Elements 13 project file work on Premiere Elements 13, then I suggest

              archiving the computer 1 project to get the Copied Folder, transferring the Copied Folder to USB Flash Drive for use in

              computer 2. In computer 2, open the Copied Folder, right click the project file, select Open With, followed by Premiere Elements 13.

              You could also do this with computer sharing if you took into consideration keeping the project file together with its source media.


              The above is an overall description. More details once I know if you are referring to viewing a video on computer 2 or continuing

              editing a project file on computer 2.



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                Add On...this is what I had in mind for HomeGroup Sharing

                HomeGroup - Microsoft Windows