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    How do I set the compatiblity security setting to always be Acrobat X or later


      I upgraded to version XI. In version X, the Options/Compatibility was located at the top. In version XI, they moved it to the bottom. I like my compatibility to be Acrobat X and later for Encryption Level 256-bit AES. However, since they moved it to the bottom, if I add the password to open the document (Document Open), then add the Permissions to restrict editing, printing, etc. and then go to the Options and change the Compatibility to Acrobat X and later, it wipes out the Document Open and Permissions passwords and I have to go back and add them again. Why this was moved to the bottom is beyond me, but I find it extremely frustrating. Please advise how I can have Compatibility set on Acrobat X and later all the time or move Options back to the top without having to uninstall XI and replace it with version X. Thank you.