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    FLV loading and streaming

      regarding FLV loading and streaming....
      I am really new to this topic. i have a flv file which is linked to the relative path of the same folder of the flashfile. If i import the flv file and run my swf, i can clearly see my flv playing. But if i go to another system(computer) and navigate throught the lan network and access the same swf, my flv file is not playing. I feel that my flv is playing only in standalone and not, when i access my same file through a network. i don't have a FMS(Flash media server).

      1.How can i make my flv file to work, even if i work through network.?
      2.I have some problem in streaming. i need my flv.fle to load fully before it starts to play. is it possible?. it should play without any disturbance.
      3.can flv files be used in web without the help of flash communication server?