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    Tabs question

    designdaveyc76340218 Level 1

      Hi, can someone help with a tab question.


      In earlier version of Indesign (CS6) you use to be able to use the 'enter' key to add a new tab at a specific measurement. Example: you start with a tab at 100mm, then you could type 125mm (in the x measurement panel) and press 'enter' and it would create a new (second) tab at 125mm. Then you could repeat 150mm 'enter', 175mm 'enter' and 200mm 'enter' and you would have five tabs all nice and evenly spaced. Now in CC when you have a tab at 100mm and you then type in 125mm (in the x measurement panel) it moves the first tab to 125mm… doesn't create new tab! In CS6 the move function was 'return' key and 'enter' was a new tab.


      If anyone can head some light on this, that would be great. Cheers, Jeff