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    How to Get Lines in Pie Charts

    Gary1 Level 1
      Using CF7 and WebCharts3D, and got my pie chart working. Only problem, I can't figure out how to get it to show LINES from the label of each pie slice, to the label's corresponding slice. The pie slice labels (descriptions) appear outside the pie chart, which is where I need them. But when you get a pie chart with a lot of slices (say 8 or more) and a lot of smaller slices close together, it's hard to tell which label applies to which slice. Hope this makes sense.

      All I need is to ADD A SMALL LINE from each label to it's corresponding pie slice. I've looked for options in WebCharts3D to do this, but can't seem to find anything (in the Decorations, Series, etc., sections).

      If this is possible (getting these lines to appear) could someone please advise how to do this? Greatly appreciate any help/advice. (It's probably something very easy, and I just missed it).