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    D810 Raw not readable in photoshop, bridge, or lightroom.


      Hello there, I just bought creative cloud because I couldn't get any programs to read the .nef files from my new D810. I updated bridge, photoshopCC and Lightroom fully. I've also downloaded the camera raw patch 8.7.1 and I've tried getting the camera raw plug in however whenever I try to open it photoshop tells me it "could not complete your request because it is not the right type of document." I'm a bit disheartned having just made a rather large leap from my D5000 which every free program I had could read the Raw files it produced to this D810 where I cannot get all of these fancier adobe programs to work even though my photoshop and lightroom meet the requirements listed for reading D810 raw files... Please help me out and tell me where I'm going wrong with this?