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    Adobe Creative Suite Retail Box version needed!


      Hi All,


      I am suggesting Adobe to create two version of Adobe Creative Suites.


      One for the Adobe Cloud base which pay monthly.


      Another one for the Adobe Creative Suite boxed retail version.


      With the implementation of Cloud base, I am sure and certain many of the Adobe Users cannot afford to pay a monthly subscriptions to use the Adobe Creative Suites Software on Cloud Base.


      Seriously speaking many people wanted to use the Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom ETC... on their own personal computer instead on connecting to the Internet to do their work.


      Because not all countries in the world have the same Internet Broadband bandwidth Connections.


      I have to let you know that some countries did not equip with High Speed Internet Connection Access and it is Impossible for them to do any work done on the Internet.


      I am suggesting Adobe to create two options of software, one for the cloud and another for the retail box version to work on their PC or MAC offline!


      And if Adobe can support the retail box version to the other platform like Linux Operating System would be a plus!