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    Can you change Premiere Elements 13 timeline to act like Premiere Pro CS4?


      Hi there,


      I recently started using Premiere Elements 13 after previously having used Premiere Pro CS4 (both mac versions if that makes a difference). All is great but I have encountered one major difference which makes Elements 13 a bit of a pain and was wondering if it was changeable. Basically, when you alter the length of a clip that's touching up against another one they remain stuck together and everything else in the timeline shifts up accordingly. In Premiere Pro CS4 if you changed the length of a clip joined to another (where the two join) it would simply create a gap. Frankly, I find the latter a much better way of working. What I tend to use Premiere for on the whole is adding still images to a voice track rather than working with video clips with linked audio. I know this isn't exactly what Premiere is designed for but it worked so much better in CS4 and wondered if you could tweak Premiere Elements 13 to behave a bit more like CS4.


      Any help much appreciated!