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      I've been trying to map some context-sensitive help topics to new map IDs I received today. This HTML help project is for an application created in Microsoft Visual Studio.

      When I press F1 to test the links, the topics default to a general help topic for the main window. If I click on a property of the window and press F1 a couple of times, I actually get the individual help topic I'm looking for to display, as well as an error message that says I lack the HHActiveX.Hlp file in my System32 directory.

      I've heard of HHActiveX.dll, but not HHActiveX.hlp. I also did a search on the two files on my PC. There was no HHActiveX.hlp file, but there were several versions of the HHActiveX.dll file (the latest one dated November 2004). To cover all bases, should I make sure each location has the latest version of the file? Also, will this file need to be included in our software installation so that the help will work accurately for customers?

      thanks in advance,