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    CSS style only showing in preview mode

    belordmedia Level 1
      Hi there, My first time. Please be gentle.... I have been doing a tutorial on line for 2 weeks. on Dreamweaver 8. I use an Apple Mac G5. I have come accross something that is driving me nuts.

      In CSS. I have created lots of new styles following the online tutorial and also , some of my own.
      By applying them to text/paragraph etc, nothing hapens to the text ie: the style doesnt show on the screen but I can seee that various styles has been applied to my story in the property box.
      The only way to see the result is to view it in lets say Firefox or Explorer. On the online tutorial, any changes made are instant. I have spent a few hours on this. Tried re-instaling then installed latest update etc.........
      Does this make sense or Have iI lost the plot? again.....