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    PDF HotspotsLinks DO NOT Work

    DKoz Level 1
      I am following the Careshare tutorial from the Adobe developers site. I've created the wireframe sample document, including the 3 hotspots at the top of the document.

      Per the tutorial I exported the Fireworks .png file to Adobe Acrobat, yet when the file opens in Acrobat the hotspot links created in Fireworks do not take me to the other pages of the document.

      All of the pages (3) are exported into the .pdf file, but the links don't work.

      Any ieas?

      Thanks in advance.

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          DKoz Level 1
          I may have answered my own question.

          When I first created the document I seleted all three areas that were to have a hotspot. I then right clicked and selected Insert Hotspot, and then selected multiple hotspots. I then assigned a wireframe page to each hotspot.

          Upon exporting to PDF this method DID NOT work, i.e., the hotspots were not active in the Acrobat document.

          However, I found that if I created each hotspot individually using the hotspot tool under the WEB tools, and then assigned the link to the proper page, the hotspots functioned as expected after exporting to Acrobat.

          I Hope this helps sombody else.
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            Dave Hogue Level 2
            If I remember correctly, PDF only support rectangular hotspots, so make sure your hotspots are still designated as "rectangular" - if you make a rectangular hotspot and the select any corner node, FW thinks you want to move the node to create non-retangular shape, so it changes the hotspot to a polygon type (even if you don't actually move the node or if the hotspot is still technically a rectangle only now a different size.) So if you ever create rectangular hotspots, tinker with them, and then they don't export to the PDF, just go back and make sure they are designated as rectangular - if not, fix it and re-export.
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              DKoz Level 1
              Thanks, Dave
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                Jim Gasperini Level 1

                Thanks for the explanation! This is the sort of maddening bug that these forums are made for. Curious...it is marked "not answered" but it is definitely answered, imho.