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      • 50. Re: Request: Port AS3 Corelib encoder functionality
        piolo96 Community Member
        Yes indeed is noticeable faster, and yes I do have problems with the use of the library. For example lets take a look at MetalBot's project. The following is his as3_jpeg_wrapper.gg

        { // start pass-thru C code

        #include <stdlib.h>
        #include <stdio.h>
        #include <jpeglib.h> //This is the library I want to use

        #include "badatadst.h"

        void sztrace(char*);

        AS3_Val no_params = NULL;
        AS3_Val zero_param = NULL;
        AS3_Val ByteArray_class = NULL;

        #define GGINIT_DEFINED true
        static void ggInit()
        sztrace("setting up as3_jpeg_wrapper library");

        no_params = AS3_Array("");
        zero_param = AS3_Int(0);
        AS3_Val flash_utils_namespace = AS3_String("flash.utils");
        ByteArray_class = AS3_NSGetS(flash_utils_namespace, "ByteArray");

        /* Copy the byteArray data into a malloc'd buffer */
        static void* newMallocFromByteArray(AS3_Val byteArray, unsigned int* size)
        AS3_Val byteArraySize = AS3_GetS(byteArray, "length");
        *size = AS3_IntValue(byteArraySize);
        void* bytes = malloc(*size);
        AS3_SetS(byteArray, "position", zero_param);
        AS3_ByteArray_readBytes((char*)bytes, byteArray, (int)*size);
        return bytes;

        /* end pass-thru C code */

        import flash.utils.ByteArray;

        public function write_jpeg_file(data:ByteArray, width:int, height:int, bytes_per_pixel:int, color_space:int):ByteArray {
        struct jpeg_compress_struct cinfo;
        struct jpeg_error_mgr jerr;

        unsigned int size = 0;
        unsigned char* raw_image32 = newMallocFromByteArray(data, &size);
        unsigned char* raw_image24 = (unsigned char*)malloc(size*3/4);

        AS3_Val array = AS3_New(ByteArray_class, no_params);

        /* this is a pointer to one row of image data */
        JSAMPROW row_pointer[1];

        /* semi-lame conversion from 32bit pixels to 24bit pixels. */
        int i=0,j=0;
        while (i++<size) {

        cinfo.err = jpeg_std_error( &jerr ); // From this line and on I get errors when trying to compile and use in flash / flex, etc.
        jpeg_bytearray_dest(&cinfo, array);

        /* Setting the parameters of the output file here */
        cinfo.image_width = width;
        cinfo.image_height = height;
        cinfo.input_components = bytes_per_pixel;
        cinfo.in_color_space = color_space;
        /* default compression parameters, we shouldn't be worried about these */
        jpeg_set_defaults( &cinfo );
        /* Now do the compression .. */
        jpeg_start_compress( &cinfo, TRUE );
        /* like reading a file, this time write one row at a time */
        while( cinfo.next_scanline < cinfo.image_height )
        row_pointer[0] = &raw_image24[ cinfo.next_scanline * cinfo.image_width * cinfo.input_components];
        jpeg_write_scanlines( &cinfo, row_pointer, 1 );
        /* clean up after we're done compressing */
        jpeg_finish_compress( &cinfo );
        jpeg_destroy_compress( &cinfo );


        return array;

        In the function write_jpeg_file is all the functionality that will be used later on in flash / flex through the .SWC file.

        Now when I try to compile this .gg file with gluegen and then through gcc, to make a NEW as3_jpeg_wrapper.swc that should be just like MetalBot original .SWC file. I do not seem to get any error compiling, BUT at the moment I go into flash and replace the new SWC for the old and test the swf movie, it throws me an error,

        Undefined sym: _jpeg_std_error
        at <anonymous>()
        at <anonymous>()

        According to the Undefined sym: _jpeg_std_error, that would have to do with the line cinfo.err = jpeg_std_error( &jerr );
        I never changed a thing from this file and so that is the main issue I have. Without changing a thing, a project that was working properly, I just recompiled the SWC and it does not work anymore. I hope this makes everything clear.
        • 51. Request: Port AS3 Corelib encoder functionality
          piolo96 Community Member
          Sorry I sent the message twice.
          • 52. Re: Request: Port AS3 Corelib encoder functionality
            notnick Community Member
            Take this Archive
            Try to compile your swc using files from the archive.
            Unfortunately I can not repeat the problem. I have everything compiled without any problems
            • 53. Re: Request: Port AS3 Corelib encoder functionality
              piolo96 Community Member
              Is there a way you could walk me through the way you get to the end of it ( the whole process).
              (assuming we don't have the jpeg lib installed) Starting from the point where we download MetalBot's project and we start building from the as3_jpeg_wrapper.gg he has until we get the as3_jpeg_wrapper.swc and we go inside flash / flex and try it with the JpegTest.as

              Thank you
              • 54. Re: Request: Port AS3 Corelib encoder functionality
                hello i need your help.
                I use ONLY Abode Flash CS4 (i haven`t any FlashDevelop, Adobe Flex SDK).

                I make flash uploader, and i need use as3_jpeg_wrapper.swc, but i can`t.

                my action:
                1) I add as3_jpeg_wrapper.swc to "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS4\Common\Configuration\ActionScript 3.0\libs"
                2) download This file is <a href=" http://flexlife.googlegroups.com/web/jpeg_enc.zip?hl=ru">a project of Metalbot </a>
                3) i Create empty fla
                4) add JpegTest class to empty fla
                5) run and i have error: ReferenceError: Error #1065: varaible DocJpgEncoder isn`t defenition

                Tell me please what can i do to imrove this situation ?
                • 55. Re: Request: Port AS3 Corelib encoder functionality
                  Geoffrey Morelle


                  I have test the library for record some Jpeg file.

                  It's very fast, but i have a problem, how can I modify the source for add a new variable for change the compression ( Number between 0 to 100 )


                  Do you have any idea, because in the actual state, it's impossible to work with this code...


                  Thanks a lot for your help.



                  • 56. Re: Request: Port AS3 Corelib encoder functionality

                    @Geo: Check this blog post: http://www.websector.de/blog/2009/06/21/speed-up-jpeg-encoding-using-alchemy/

                    There you will find a modification of metalbots example for changing the quality of a compression.



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