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    Splitting CCloud licenses (LR + PS) on two different MacBooks?


      HI All,


      I already got a Lightroom 5 license obtained through my Canon DSLR Camera, and I would like to but a monthly subscription to Creative Cloud for PS and LR.

      Can I remove the LR license from my Mac (without uninstalling the application itself), then reinstall it onto another Mac and install the CC LR + PS on mine?

      I am aiming at not uninstalling LR from my Mac as I have spent years to customize it and I could go mad redoing it from scratch!


      As an alternative, can I keep my LR license and install PS only from CC license on my Mac and install LR from CC license on other Mac?


      Thanks in advance for your support!



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          Scott V Adobe Employee (Admin)

          HI Marco,

          With the Adobe software license you are allowed to install the software on 2 separate computers. You can install the Lightroom perpetual license on both macs.

          Then with your Photoshop & LR subscription you can just install Photoshop. You would not need to uninstall Lightroom since you have your preferences set as you wanted.

          With the PS & LR subscription you can install this on 2 computers too. You could have Lightroom installed on 4 computers if you wanted

          Let me know if you have any questions