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    Why are spaces missing at end of wrapped lines in bulleted lists

    Danny Occoquan

      Hi -


      Acrobat 11.0.10, Word 2013, Windows 7 ... Sometimes tagged PDFs don't have spaces at the end of wrapping lines in bulleted lists, throughout the document. In text edit mode the cursor movement indicates no space exists. Selecting with text touch-up shows no space. In accessible text the last word on line runs into first word on next line.  JAWS mis-pronounces those words as if they are one word.  PAC preview also shows the words running together. 


      Adding a space in text edit mode works for a few minutes, but when file is saved & reopened spaces are gone, even if, immediately after adding the spaces, I select the block of LBody text with text touch-up and re-tag it and initially spaces appear to have been added.


      Is starting to happen on a routine basis, different source files, different people/computers generating the PDFs, multiple computer reboots, Acrobat repair run, MS Office repair run. But not consistent ... e.g., if someone generated PDF with no spaces at end, someone else can generate from same source and spaces are present.


      Any ideas?