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    How do I open the program (premiere 12) without choosing a project?


      It's pretty annoying to search for a project, locate it in the hard drive, right click on "open with" Premiere and then have Premier "freeze" that opening card/graphic/whatever you want to call it, until I select "new" or "existing." Why not just OPEN for goodness sake!!!



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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          If you are asking how to bypass the Welcome Screen, the the following is your answer.


          If you are facing the Welcome Screen, then set the Welcome Screen so that on start there is always a launch to the Editor.


          When the Editor opens, you are still going to have to go to Flle Menu/Open Project to open an existing project.

          When the Editor opens, you have a new project facing you where you can let the project automatically set the project preset based on the properties

          of the first video dragged to the Timeline. If the project cannot do that right, then you are stuck with the default which is 1080i30 (NTSC) or 1080i25 (PAL)

          unless you set the project preset manually before importing the source media into the project.

          If you want to get into the Elements Organizer 13, you can

          a. click on the Organizer Tab in the workspace

          b. use Add Media/Elements Organizer

          If you ever want the Welcome Screen, then in the Editor workspace go to Help Menu/Welcome Screen.


          Please review and consider.