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    Problems with Word Doc line spacing


      I have multiple word docs to bring in and each time, all though the word doc is formatted like I need (italic headers, diff font sizes etc…) Indesign brings it in double spaced although it is not that way in the word doc. At this point I am having to go to the end of each line, delete to bring the next line to the end of that one, then shift+enter to drop it down 1 line. I have 11 documents that are 5-10 pages each…. Is there a way to avoid having to do all of that??? I have tried tweaking the leading via the justification panel as I saw on another site, but it has no effect. Brought in a different document, formatted exactly the same as above. This time it kept the space right, but when I narrowed the text box to fit where I needed it, instead of lines just dropping down as they should, they are actually laying on top of each other. I am at a complete loss.... ANY help would be greatly appreciated!