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    Audio in .mp4 file cuts off


      The audio in the mp4 file I am trying to use gets cut off. It plays 95% of it, but for some reason cuts the audio off towards the end. I have checked the file on both a PC and Mac and on both the audio shows fine, but when I open it on my computer (Mac) it is cut off. I have tried a clean install of AE CC 14 and that did not help.

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Export the audio track as a separate, UNCOMPRESSED audio file like wav or aiff, and use it in AE.  Adobe Media encoder should do it.


          While you're at it, you could just transcode the mp4 as well; a quicktime movie in Photo JPEG or PNG codecs would be better for AE use... and you can keep your audio track with the video file, too.

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            arnotti15477352 Level 1

            Thank you for the response. This did help, but I'm still curious as to why the audio was clipped on my computer and not on others. I have used this format for many other videos and never had a problem until now. In fact, I have created three other videos along with the previously mentioned and there are no problems with the audio.

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              MP4's and compressed audio may or may not play well with different machines. It's the nature of a format that is CPU intensive and decodes the file in blocks.


              If you start with a frame based source that has a standard uncompressed audio track the changes of having a successful render of your mp4 is much higher, but still not 100% guaranteed.