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    Non-functioning InDesign "Sign in" on new computer


      I recently switched CS6 from my old work computer to my new one (both PCs). InDesign is working on the new computer, but every time I open it, a window pops up and asks me to sign-in. However, when I actually click on the button that says "sign in", I receive an error message telling me I am either not connected to the internet (not true) or that the clock on my computer is wrong (?? also not true). It is now telling me that if I do not sign in within the next 2 days, the program will stop functioning. However, it seems impossible to sign in. You can see the Catch-22 I'm working with. Anyone out there have a solution to this problem? I'm trying to contact Adobe customer support, but that can also be an impossible task at times... Thanks in advance for any advice.