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    Quadro K4200 4GB or GTX 980 4GB ?

    Santhi Sagar

      Which of these will be best and stable , long lasting and more productive for CS6 Ae/Pr ?


      1. Quadro K4200 4GB


      2. GTX 980 4GB

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          ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

          The GTX 980.



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            RjL190365 Level 4



            I agree with Eric. Go for the GTX 980. Here's why:


            1) The GTX 980 is based on the newer second-generation Maxwell architecture, which means that it will more likely support newer technologies than the Quadro K4200 (which is still based on the first-generation Kepler architecture despite being part of the newest Quadro lineup).


            2) The K4200 is, if anything, slightly slower in performance than even a $200 GeForce GTX 760, let alone a GTX 980. That's because despite the 1,344 CUDA cores in the K4200 (versus 1,152 CUDA cores in the GTX 760), the K4200's GPU core clock speed is 25 percent slower than that of the boosted reference-clocked GTX 760 - 780 MHz versus 1,033 MHz. This significantly lower clock speed is too great for the extra CUDA cores to compensate for. In addition, the K4200's memory throughput is significantly lower than that of even the GTX 760, let alone the GTX 980: 173 GB/second for the K4200 versus 192 GB/second for the GTX 760 and 224 GB/sec for the GTX 980.

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              Santhi Sagar Level 1

              Which will perform better in After Effects and Premier Pro CS6.

              If GTX 980 is the best , then what is the question of using Quadros in HP Z840 , Dell Precision T5810 Workstations .If else which is the best workstation available other than own build ?

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                RIGHT !

                GTX 900 series graphic cards are not supported for now from ADOBE Developers to get nvidia drivers and to certify them as ADOBE SIGNED GTX 900 DRIVERS as Nvidia do with Microsoft for Windows (WHQL-Windows Hardware Quality Labs)...for now GTX 900 GPUs work practicully Based on CUDA API and the GPU GM204 isnide of GTX 980 works without Maxwell Improvements but it reacts as a old Fermi or Kepler one.


                Now for the moment all beasts as HP Z840 , Precision T7810 , Celsius R940 , Thinkstation P900 are based on Quadro Cards because the drivers signed for this GPUs has ISV Certifications for all media , including here and Decoders and Encoders on VIDEO for AE and PR.


                Its not important to select a GPU that has a lot of Gpixel/s or Gtexel/s or a lot of memory bandwidth (ok they are importat  buuut..)...Select a certified GPU as the first Like Quadro 2000/4000/5000/6000 Low Budget now and Quadro K 2000/2200/4000/4200/5000/5200 or Special Game GPUs that are Certified for AE and PR  ,GTX 780 ,GTX Titan and GTX 780 Ti and than see the specs.


                My preferred GPU is ASUS STRIX GTX 780 6GB with real time 4K 60fps footage playback.

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                  ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                  AE doesn't use the GPU that much. The GPU acceleration is in Premiere and AME. The 980GTX would be the recommended card. Adobe doesn't require the card to be on the supported list with  CC for GPU acceleration. That is enabled regardless now. The list is simply the cards Adobe has tested in house.





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                    Tyler Sparks Level 1

                    AE doesn't use the GPU?

                    This not correct unless you doing very basic AE work. Just your basic 3d ray trace will bring the wrong GPU to its knees. Also plug-ins like Particular or even optical flares all rely heavy on the GPU. Not to mention if you use C4D or obj files in VC's Element or other plug-ins. GPU is major hardware concern for AE artist as well as proper disk cache.


                    The biggest GPU hog I've run into is Red Giant's Denoiser which I use both in Premiere and in AE pretty much every project. (Red footage especially) So the correct GPU is my number 1 concern to upgrade correctly.


                    Please listen to manolv that is the correct answer.

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                      RjL190365 Level 4



                      AE does not actually use CUDA or OpenCL GPU acceleration natively. What GPU acceleration that's offered in AE actually uses just the basic OpenGL (not to be confused with OpenCL) API. Be aware that any of the gaming GPUs deliver relatively poor OpenGL performance relative to their workstation GPU counterparts.

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                        Tyler Sparks Level 1

                        For Premiere,


                        Capture premiere.PNG

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                          RjL190365 Level 4

                          That's only for the Ray-Tracer feature, which relatively little of any footage makes use of. Conventional 2D videos do not make use of Ray-Tracer at all; therefore, only the basic OpenGL 2.0+ renderer is used.

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                            Tyler Sparks Level 1

                            I think your just trolling me at this point.



                            Adobe Certified GPU cards = better performance  faster render times Vs unsupported cards. Your GPU does matter in AE


                            like ... manolvsaid.

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                              RjL190365 Level 4

                              There's where you're wrong. Only certain footage utilizes the Ray-Tracer feature at all. Moreover, even with a supported, certified GPU I noticed absolutely zero difference in performance with the GPU acceleration feature enabled or disabled in AE – at least with the footage I worked with (and even that's with a lot of effects applied). And as I stated, it depends on the content first, effects second.


                              By the way, neither the K4200 nor the GTX 980 is natively supported for GPU acceleration in AE. Adobe, however, is working to add support for the Maxwell GPUs in AE to be released at a later date.

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                                Tyler Sparks Level 1

                                Can you please explain what "Only certain footage utilizes the Ray-Tracer" means?

                                Ray-trace Enabled is a Comp setting allowing for 3D layer effects, such as extruding text, light source effects, etc. Has nothing to do with footage. Apologies if I am not understanding your response correctly.

                                So maybe I am misunderstanding you here. I also run into issues with Nvidia cards that are not on the certified list when I use effects like mentioned before that rely on the GPU OpenGL vs CPU OpenCL.  A simple one it test is VC;s Optical Fare.

                                Are you testing this theory out with other GPU cards? Or just ticking the box on the same hardware and checking the render times? My guess is your CPU is doing the lifting either way so there wouldn't be any difference in time. If you can swap the cards that might yield a different result.