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    ApplicationDomain with loaded SWF

      Consider this scenario:

      Anyone has some ideas on how to solve this problem? I DO want the loader.swf and the module.swf to be in the same ApplicationDomain if possible.

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          abeall Level 3
          I don't know much about AS3 but this issue interests me. I just tried the code you posted and it loaded with out throwing any errors. Can you elaborate the problem?
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            IDIOTA Level 1
            abeall, thank you very much for your reply.

            without being able to post the .fla/.swf as an attachment, I can't really provide additional information. The code were copied and pasted directly from the .as files.

            I am using Flash 9 alpha and Flash Player Debugger I got the same error message with the standalone player and the Firefox plugin.

            if anyone can reproduce the error, please help to provide more information. Your help is greatly appreciated.