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    Error Handler (File not Found) missing .cfm

    WestSide Level 1

      I have multiple applications on my server. For each application I would like an error handler that will catch missing .cfm files. If a user types in www.abc.com/test.cfm, and test.cfm does not exist, each site will use its own "errorHandler.cfm" file for example.

      I already can handle .htm and .html files in IIS, basically when the 404 error happens, it calls my html error handler. I also tried checking the option in IIS where you see a list of file extensions, you go to .cfm (this is all in IIS), and there is a checkbox that says "check if file exists", so I have checked and unchecked this, but not luck.

      In CFAdmin there is an area where you can specify a missing template handler. This seems to apply to the whole server. Each of our application are very different, I would like to have an individual error handler in each application.

      I am getting a CF error, (File not Found) not an IIS error when you type a file in the url string as mentioned above. I tried using <cferror> in my Application.cfm file, but to no avail. I tried using try/catch to no avail. I have heard of others having this frustration as well.

      Help is greatly appreciated