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    Adobe Graphics Server and Color Profiles

    stevejmess Level 1

      Our enterprise digital asset management system (North Plain’s TeleScope) uses the Adobe Graphics Server 2.0 (discontinued, as you know) to perform color transformations, i.e. CMYK to RGB, or the reverse. Recently we’ve upgraded that DAM, and even though the upgrade points to the same instance of AGS, our color conversions are off. (They’ve been solid for nearly a decade, since our first install of the DAM.)


      We're pretty sure the problem is profile related, but we can’t figure out where the server engine is accessing profiles for CMYK to RGB, or if it requires a certain profile nomenclature. We’ve created probe profiles that, when picked up by a conversion engine—not just Adobe’s—should produce posterized results to help us clearly see when the profiles are being picked up correctly. No matter where we place the probes, we see no change in the color conversion results.


      We don’t have a manual for the AGS product, and can not locate one online. Also, we polled the engineering departments of a couple of our bigger print vendors and they’ve not been able to help us. The don’t seem to have anyone around who remembers the product.


      Any experience with AGS? An operating manual?