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    Installation Question


      I have a brand new HP envy core I7 (four core) running windows 7. I am attempting to install the C56 master collection on my new machine (I have deactivated the license on my old machine). I am downloading 2 files from the following link: http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/policy-pricing/cs6-product-downloads.html


      The two files are under the "english" option.


      I have downloaded the two files but when I try to run the exe file I get the following error: The file archive part of adobe C56 master collection is missing. You need all parts in the same folder in order to extract adobe C56 MC. Please download all parts.


      I have downloaded all parts and they are in the same folder. This is very frutrating. I'm tempted to simply download the software off of bit torrent. At least that would work. Please help. I really need to get this software installed.