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    Adding Fonts

    Jake Foster

      How do you add font families in the Form Creator in Acrobat? The font family I want is in my other Adobe suite applications, but not in this. Can you tell me how to remedy that, please?


      Staci Wright

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          Sara.Forsberg Employee Moderator

          Hi Jake,


          The only fonts available in FormsCentral, are the ones listed in the Font menu by default--there is no way to add fonts to that menu. Please see this explanation from a similar post:


          "The fonts we offer are web-safe fonts meaning that they can be displayed the same way on any web browser (any machine, device, OS...). The fonts that you have on your computer might not be available on your filler's machine when the are filling up your form. The form would look good on your machine but not on your filler's machine or device."