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    Page Numbering

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      If you do not want all the pages of a document to be numbered e.g. the first two pages including the cover do not need page numbers; how do you do it.  Do you have to use different master sheets for the pages you do not want numbered or is there another way?

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          If the masters for the other pages contain information that should also appear in the frontispice, you can override the text frames that contain the page numbering and delete them (see Master pages in the Online Help). The advantage is that any other changes you make to the masters will then carry over to these pages as well, minus the deleted items.


          If you need page number-less masters more than a couple of times, create a new master for them based on the regular masters (see Master pages) and override the page number frames on this instead.


          By the way: the page numbering itself is totally independent of the applied masters. It does not only 'apply' to a certain set only; it's document-wide. Adjust the page numbering by creating sections: Numbering pages, chapters, and sections

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            Yes, you will have to use different master pages for cover and first two pages.


            For cover pages


            1. Create a new master page using the page panel. (window -->pages)
            2. Right click select new master. (Do not add number to this.)
            3. Select the first two pages and cover page and apply this master page.

            If you want numbers added to the page

            1. Select a new master.
            2. Select type tool draw text box.
            3. Right click text box select insert special characters--> markers--> current page number (alt+Ctrl+shift+ N). By default the name of the master page will be the number. Eg: B
            4. Now apply master pages to the inside of the book.


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              Thanks. If I want to number say the first three pages in roman numerals and the rest in 'arabic'  ,if the numbering refers to the whole document won't it add to the whole document.  Can I use sections to avoid this.  It seems that when I use Sections I cannot put numbers in and when I use the Numbering I can't seem to use the Sections.  Is there an order to doing this.



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                Thanks for this.  I have replied with a question.  DB

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                    Thanks.  I have followed up with a related question.  I don't know whether it appears on the system.




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                      Thanks for all your help.  I have worked it out using Master Pages and Sections as you have advised.


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